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Central Receive Station

The Central Receive Station(CRS) was designed to receive calls from a System 37 or a Termguard II to receive patient information. A single instance of CRS is able to monitor a single land line modem. Many iterations of the CRS can be run on the same machine to monitor many lines sumultaneously. The CRS is designed to be run as a service with no user interface.

The primary goal of the CRS is reliability. The program must be able to run unattended 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The communication must be robust with a minimal amount of dropped calls and unfinished connections. CRS is currently running on dozens of lines and has been running without interruption for years.

The CRS keeps a log of all calls and the status of all communication. Detailed statistics can be obtained that include information such as device types, dropped calls, communication errors, and call progress.