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Communications Server (TCP Traffic)

The Communications Server (TCP Traffic) is capable of receiving patient data from a System 37 wireless device. The System 37 wireless communicates uses GPRS over the cellular data network. The device connects to the Communications Server over TCP/IP. Like the other Communication Servers, this one is designed to operate unattended for long periods of time. The program is designed to be run as a Windows service.

The biggest difference between the TCP/IP server and the land line server is that the TCP/IP server is capable of communicating with many devices simultaneously. Built on the Microsoft .NET architecture and using asynchronous multithreaded design, the TCP/IP server can communicate with dozens of devices without significant server load.

The Communication Server data logging is fully compatible with other data servers. Both the land line and TCP/IP Communication Servers can share a common database for their data logging. This allows the user to get more accurate usage statistics and to get the statistics more easily.