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Sim Card Reader Project

One of our major clients mentioned to us one day that they would need to account for cellular SIM cards in products being refurbished and returned to the field, upwards of 8000 units. This required removing the SIM card from the product and manually entering the 12 digit ICCID number printed on the card in 4 pt type. This was a recipe for data entry errors. The client asked if we had a solution that would read the number and populate a text field in their inventory management software. We located an existing SIM reader hardware that provided open source software, we were then able to create a Windows application in .NET C# that ran in the background. The operator would place the SIM card in the socket and within several seconds the ICCID was populated in the inventory management software's text field. A green LED would illuminate indicating a successful read. Sounds like a small project but was actually a big deal to our client trying to account for these SIM cards.