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System 37 Wireless Conversion Project

The System 37 monitor is a time proven home medical device that has been transmitting its patient data faithfully via the telephone line for the past 20 years. In recent years Matria Healthcare has found that many patient homes no longer have an analog phone line forcing them to install a phone line at a premium cost during the patients 6 weeks of service. At its peak there were approximately 120 phone lines that had to be managed requiring 2 people. 

Micropath approached Matria with a possible wireless solution to reduce their costs. This involved adding an external cellular modem to each device. The patient data would now be transmitted via the AT&T cellular network to the internet and finally to a Matria server. The first cost reduction was minimizing the number of phone lines that had to be installed and the 2nd cost reduction was a 75% savings in data transport cost by wireless internet service. Matria had been purchasing over 8000 minutes of long distance cost per week to transport this analog data. 

Micropath developed the firmware changes to the monitor and developed the receiving software that interfaces the patient data to Matria's clinical system. Currently over 90% of the patient monitor data is now wireless and is growing.