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Veterninary Services Clinical Site

This site was developed for Veterinary Perinatal Services in Denver, CO.  Prior to implementation, VPS  was a distributed operation where remote employees were linked together with phone calls, faxes and a lot of frustration. This web site provides an on line clinical system to manage a canine whelping (birthing) service.The site uses ASP.NET and is built on the open-source DotNet Nuke framework.  In addtion, Micropath developed software to receive uterine activity waveform data from a remote monitor via the phone system and the waveform is viewable within the clinical system. VPS staff who have an internet connection can access the system simultaneously. A special feature was added to alert the on-call staff member when a strip (transmission from the monitor) was received. Micropath hosts the website and manages the server hardware and modem. This site has been active since Sep. 2006 and operates 24 / 7.

VPS Clinical Site

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