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ZAP Gun Project

In Mid-2007 Lockheed-Martin contacted Micropath for a possible project. They had antiquated heat shrink guns that were used to solder and shrink sleeving to the shield of coax used on the F-22 fighter jet and the C-130 cargo planes. The primary advantage of these old guns was speed, it could accomplish its task in about 2 seconds vs 90 seconds with a standard heat shrink gun. The project required redesigning the timer PCB using up to date components and then manufacturing and testing the final product. In addition there was a 10 position rotary switch with resistors, Kill switch and lamp socket assembly, start switch assembly, and dial plate. Prototypes were delivered within 60 days for approval. 

Zap Gun with top cover removed

Re-Designed Zap Gun PCB

Zap Gun and Time Delay Switch PCB's