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David Massey

Born in Miami, Florida, David became interested in science – and in particular electronics - at an early age of 10. He was very fortunate to have a 5th and 6th grade teacher that encouraged his interests in science. He built a one-transistor, self-powered AM radio in sixth grade while the other students just built the “cookbook” crystal diode radio per the teacher’s instructions.  David became interested in solar energy in grade school when his grandfather showed him that by sanding off the paint on the surface of an old selenium rectifier plate you could make a solar cell!

 After graduating from Miami Coral Park High School he moved to Orlando to attend college at what was then known as Florida Technological University but later changed its name to the University of Central Florida. It was there he met his future wife .  He and his wife along with their six kids now reside in Cobb County, Georgia.

 David’s first “real” job was with Motorola in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during the summer between his second and third year in college. There he got his first work experience with r.f. (radio frequency) circuits although he built and operated a low-power pirate FM radio station while in high school and the first year of college.

His subsequent employment after Motorola led him into aerospace and medical electronics careers.
  He has been working with Micropath as both a contractor and employee since 1999.

His hobbies and interests include electric vehicles, solar and other alternative energy sources, technology history, amateur radio, website development, computers and of course raising six kids with his wife!